If you’d had the kind of day I’ve had

If you’d had the kind of day I’ve had,

you might be thinking a little

differently to how you

are thinking

right now.

If you’d had the kind of day I’ve had,

that little skip you worked into your

step as you walked up

the garden path,

gate swinging shut behind you,

might well have not happened.

If you’d had the kind of day I’ve had,

you, like me,

might not have a choice

as to whether or not you sit here,

in front of this screen

and write about it.

You’d HAVE to write about it,

just as I HAVE to write about it,



If you’d had the kind of day I’ve had,

that skip I mentioned earlier

might well have been a strike,

aimed at something off to the side,

but well-aimed

and very hard, yet accomplishing


not coming even close to touching

the sides, of providing relief,

to the kind of day I’ve had.

Some people, i have noticed, never

seem troubled by these kinds of days,

it’s as if they just don’t happen to them,

and should you attempt to describe

such a day

to one of these, their response only tends

to make things worse.

Glassy-eyed with a half yawn, mind clearly elsewhere,

perhaps on matters of pruning, aeration, irrigation;

the garden is important, it wishes them no harm,

nor does it wish to tell of where harm may hide,

just as you are now in fact;

please don’t walk on the lawn

and shut the gate properly

on your way out.

There is a wind outside tonight,

the kind of wind you might describe as

having something in it…as in:

“There’s something in that wind tonight”

maybe that doesn’t make sense, but it does

to me.

It is an unnatural wind, a wind that whips,

then slows,




My windows open and close by themselves

because of this wind, which carries voices also,

young voices from the past;

are they old voices then?

why do I ask such questions after the

type of day I’ve had? because there seems

somehow a connection,

between these young/old voices,

the type of day I’ve had,

and the


What is so strange about this day of mine,

which I keep telling you I have had,

is that nothing has actually happened,

not that anyone

could see at



It was those voices you see,

those young/old voices which never seem to

tire of inflicting terrible crimes upon

the version of me on the inside,

the one without the shell,

exposed and ready to believe all

that they say,

even though most of it

is untrue,

it is the bits that are true

that they get me with,

inflicting a violence so terrible,

so undeniably

heinous, that if audible detection were possible

would result in a lengthy imprisonment





Yet, where does one imprison the already imprisoned?

not in here…please GOD…NOT



If you’d had the kind of day I’ve had,

you might think twice tonight

before turning over






For E D xxxx


4 Responses to “If you’d had the kind of day I’ve had”

  1. Hey Drummerboy ….haven’t had a communique from you for a while ….just to say ….You write superbly …..thanks ….Bj

  2. Thanks Jim…love back to you buddy 🙂

  3. keep writing i like reading it

  4. thats a great poem..youve got talent mate..let it out..cheers Tony

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