Around the whole of the earth

Evenin’ all…

I’m back…Not that anyone’s missed me of course (sniff) but when i think about it, i think i may have actually missed myself.

By this i mean of course that i have missed our late night liaisons here, in the corner with the desk lamp shining on the keyboard and the trees blowing in the wind just outside the window to my right.

Nothing left of the day save for broken promises and dreams moved slightly further away, edged away by the wind, evidenced by the sound they make against the gravel, whetted by the rain.

Of course, i have been here all along, almost, but yes definitely here watching the life ebb away from my parents who were supposed to live forever, or at least that’s what they promised when i was tucked in as a child, not often, due to gin and other distractions, but the promises were made, and now they have been broken just like all the others.

This is to be kept brief due to me being out of practice; suddenly having been dragged back into the writing of  things without fair warning; lists, dreams, plans and such.

I came to South Africa seeking psychological treatment for that which ails me.  I didn’t enjoy the treatment, as far as i allowed it to progress, and decided that a hotel on the seafront in Durban held greater promise, and less rigid morning routines and rituals!

I have decided to do something a little different and i would like very much for you to encourage my thinking and to come along on what promises to be an interesting and potentially strange little journey…

Around the whole of the earth…

…except perhaps for some of the colder bits that make my genitals go all tight, small and painful and stuff…yes…i reckon maybe i’ll give those bits a miss, i am after all from England and have spent the larger proportion of my life undressing with my back to my ever-patient partners, giving ‘little Drummerboy’ a sneaky little flick (just to add a little bulk) before shyly sliding under the sheets into the Baltic regions of the average British bed…all libido having been stripped instantly away in a frenzy of rapid little breaths and nipples larger, and indeed firmer, than the sad little appendage further down the hopeless length of paleness i have the misfortune to call a ‘physique’…oh my…i’ve just raised an image…God please make it go away…please!!!

So, like i said i’m gonna be brief…

I’m travelling the world, on a whim, all of it…and writing a book about it…

…starting in South Africa…a safari in fact in a couple of days and then i have no idea where…possibly India…Mumbai…


I’m a bit scared so please egg me on a bit.

It feels good to be back…love you lot  🙂

Drummerboy xx


7 Responses to “Around the whole of the earth”

  1. see you in east oakland……we have a temp post available for apocalyptic drum tech and jingle flinger.

  2. Well done mate, look forward to your next update, been doing a lot of travelling over the past half decade and now have only one continent left to visit, unfortunately it’s the coldest one.

    Did India late last year, you must visit Bangalore the garden state and have been spending a lot of time in Korea in the last few months, again a must visit country.

    Be safe and keep up the blog.


  3. please change the colour scheme (white text black backdrop) its like you know when you look at a light bulb for too long, then look away and the light bulb thing is still there… you know what i mean.

  4. Sounds very exciting. Go to Japan and eat some sushi, meditate in India. Looking forward to keeping up with you.

  5. Bon voyage, mon ami. So glad you’re writing!

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