The smell of wood smoke and metal

Some of the happiest times of my life
have been spent
with you,
under the stars, in your garden.
I can still smell flowers on a summer night
and the brush of cats on legs;
sitting silence upon a bench
that has seen better days
…different days.
Animal print gowns and ponytails, 
the smell of cigarettes,
whilst looking at slippers,
and the sky
beyond the trees.
The lights from Bare lane
shining beyond the houses in front,
reminding of a world outside,
but the inside world is better,
far better,
and quieter too.
The smell of wood smoke and metal,
as the beast burns at shins and we like…
even love…
each others
What happened to this…
why is there such a struggle to say
what i need to say…
which is only kind things,
which have become confused in my mind…
and seem to you to be based in attack
and trickery,
but are not in any way
what you imagine…
I only wish to, once again,
burn wood with you
and smell the summer,
feeling safe, 
with you and the
I feel so sad…and wanted
only to
tell you
what was
in my heart

One Response to “The smell of wood smoke and metal”

  1. ….so raw and so desperately sad. x

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