How to avoid overwhelming mental obsession

In my experience this can’t be done…whichever way you slice it…no matter how hard you try…trying only adds to the problem…so don’t even bother…no really…don’t!!

In the mean time why don’t you just:

Do a quick circuit of the room you happen to be standing in, several times, then move to another room.

Play some music which doesn’t come even close to hitting the spot, switch to i-tunes, ponder all twenty-six days of music you have stored there, sigh and turn the radio on.

Lean back in your swivel chair and look at the ceiling that someone else painted and think about going into business chipping off all that rough (artistic) plaster-work everyone seemed to favour in the seventies, but which is now just a pain in the arse to remove.

Stand up and continue with the first suggestion.


Make strong coffee.

Sit down, or not…either way it’s going to get worse.

Check your phone for texts.

Check it again because the light might have been hitting the screen at a funny angle, obscuring the thing that tells you you’ve got a text.

Stretch your back very hard because of the knots in it.

Go to the window, smoke and watch the cars down below.  It’s newly dark and the trees look strange in the reflection on the windscreens.  This makes you sad because trees are beautiful and cars are not.

I really need to stop worrying.

Does organised religion work?

No, it’s a fear-based control mechanism…but maybe i should seeek out the catholics anyway.

Ritual comforts….maybe obsession is simply ritual thinking without an end.

Does this thought provide comfort?

Yes…no…maybe…oh fuck


i hate



tonight and will not sleep unless i

find some way

to just stop.




3 Responses to “How to avoid overwhelming mental obsession”

  1. That sounds like a horrible fucking mess and no mistake. Keep safe Drummerboy.

  2. Don’t worry Chris, this is my usual state of being, just thought i’d document it for posterity…thanks for the comment though.

  3. Michael Watson Says:

    Thanks for the advice

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