The dragon screams but fails to take flight

Looking at this blank page

has unsettled

me tonight.

Something brought me here

and demands

answers, which

are thin on the


Slowly i resolve to

stop asking the


as people shop


the Tesco express

and wonder where their wives,

and lives,


The dragon screams but fails to

take flight,

and my enemies all want

me as a friend.

If i decide that life is what

you make it,

does this mean i must now



and why are the chidren all wanting


when they know only


and how to create this in


How can we exist if this is

the all of everything

and no one knows, or remembers,

how to charm the animals or make the

chidren laugh in their hearts and from



Do you remember the garden where i took pictures

in the


ashes to ashes?… the boy in the bright blue


tall grass in the sun?

Where are you tonight, what are you doing

and who are you


as i sit here

quietly, in need of a


I used to watch you breathe and hold your hair

whilst you slept,

sobbing, for the broken

promise of a

child, which never


The TV smiles the smile of a thousand


whilst i look in the bathroom mirror

and decide i look old and am in need of

a shave.

I got a break today, but tomorrow i believe

the breaks may never



the whole will once again be observed,

but believe me when i say


The altar boy masturbates and thinks only of the


Bukowski turns in his grave, whilst

the new,

middle-aged angry,

stalk the evening hours with

hunger in their eyes

and feel sorrow for


children who never were,

and never will be



3 Responses to “The dragon screams but fails to take flight”

  1. schleif Says:

    Wow, Drummerboy, describes my sitch perfectly, as I get ready to retire (at 4 AM), after learning that a recovering friend of mine died last night – still not sure how – while I was our recapturing my youth, waiting on line w/the girl I cut high school with in 1983 for Return of the Jedi, only this time it was w/her husband and two teenage kids for Harry Potter (us old folks need our coffeee!), so my minds in Potterland, New York, the interweb, and wherever my friend Hamdi’s soul ends up. Peace and Love.

  2. Sorry to hear that Scotty. I pray that he has moved onto what i once heard described as ‘freedom and ease’. I like that description, it allows me to find acceptance where previously there was only fear. Be lucky my friend

  3. Powerful. Thank you drummerboy.

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