They crawl into our lives and taint our dreams

Beware these young men and women, whose ambition seems to provide their singular focus; this younger generation who wish to middle-manage the world?

Where did they come from?…believe me, i do not know, but they’re here…my word, are they here; given a little leg-up and a small beaker-full of power, through saying ‘yes’ to the right people, in the right rooms, at the right times.

They slide into position as if the gods had finally bestowed upon them their rightful destiny, smiling and looking for prey; the lasting effects of limp and damaged childhoods playing themselves out in boardrooms and Monday morning team meetings everywhere.

Who are these and who allowed this?

Given the freedom to make decisions that affect lives, without the skills or experience required to do so; basing these decisions upon who might have had the unmitigated nerve to say ‘no’ to them at some point over recent time; they crawl into our lives and taint our dreams.

When i look over ‘professional’ documents containing mis-spelled words and inappropriate formatting; documents attempting to convey integrity and a sense of trust in those at which they are targeted, i feel ashamed; this example is but a small part of the whole.

This is by no means limited to the workplace.

It is a symptom of something wrong; a black, sluggish, foul-smelling cancer of a wrong, and i fear there are not many who share my concern.

When did this begin; this overwhelming mediocrity; this drive for unqualified approval and power; the need for control whilst dismissing the responsibility that comes with it?

Have you tried pointing out that someone may have been mistaken lately?

An apology is not something many are willing to give up without a fight, and you might as well rape someone’s grandmother than to have the audacity to offer advice.

When did the world, and thinking, stop evolving; did i miss a meeting?

The younger generation appear to lack integrity, humility and class.

Then again, i guess OUR parents said this too, and were probably right, but i SWEAR i was never as closed-minded, dismissive and pyschopathically in need of power as these i come in contact with.

This bland mediocrity, with professionally appropriate ‘mohawk’ haircuts and lack of backbone; music that even an elevator would prohibit, saying something like “fuck that noise Bro…i aint playin’ that shit!!”, coupled with some kind of need for unqualified respect and approval, without any of the qualities required to attain either,

hurts my fucking









2 Responses to “They crawl into our lives and taint our dreams”

  1. Drummerboy, have you been reading my journals? Being a professional musician (albeit low paid one) for over 20 years I’m amazed at what people these days will go absolutely ape over! Bland leading the blind. Another reason to be reclusive.

  2. yep . I was interviewed by some of these Versace daleks for a job a few weeks ago.
    I thought something was wrong. So its not just meee. Thank god!!!!
    Thank you DB, you done it again.

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